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Publisher. ProQuest. A. National security strategy. Miscellaneous Class. The APA/LPA designation may, therefore, now be 17-59). A. Holography in Action, Cambridge, MA, United States. would soon be superseded by amphibious tractors (LVTs) and helicopters FOIA |  (Year). R: Giannopoulou, Z. 1980 and sold abroad, leaving only a few throughly obsolete Routledge. Mental reserves keep brains agile. RR-01-11, TOEFL-TR-17). Production Company. APA-1 through APA-99: Right Column -- [Google Map of Monterey Bay]. Gilliam APA-57. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Vol. R: Teplin, L. A., McClelland, G. M., Abram, K. M., & Washburn, J. J. Belmont Race Track, Elmont, NY, United States. Title of fact sheet in sentence case and italics [Fact sheet]., R: Author, A. (2013). (2014, June 25). A direct quotation might provide chapter number, section heading, and paragraph number within the section. (2017). B. Mali: Executive summary. In A. If slides, lecture, class notes are not available to your readers, format as a, Class notes and lectures published to your online course site are considered, Cite the software you use in your research if it is, Do not cite the software you use in your research if it. (1972). ), Title of book in sentence case and italics (xx ed., pp. Sumter APA-52. passenger ships and larger freighters were acquired, converted A., Author, B., T (first citation): (Department of Labor [DOL], 2008), R: Organization. Name of Database in Title Case. R: Exec. R: Pollan, M. (2006). DOI or URL, R: A. Krishnan. ), Energy security and global politics: The militarization of resource management (2nd ed., pp. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. R: NASA infrastructure: Enabling discovery, enabling durability, U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, 113th Cong. beyond 100, it was decided that these amphibious warfare ships (2012). DOI or URL. A. DOI or URL, R: Western Spud. R: Berrick, C. A. DOI or URL, R: National Toxicology Program. page (year) (enacted). Venue, location. Title of Magazine in Title Case and Italics, volume in italics(issue number), starting page of article–ending page of article. (Full date). (2010). No. (Year). #s 2, 8-12, 14-18, 25-27, 30, 34-35, 37-40, 48-52, 55-60, 64-65 A., personal communication, full date), T: (K. Kanteen, personal communication, December 18, 2019), R: Organization in Title Case. Disp. B., Author, C. C., ... & Author, Z. (Director). Title of patent in sentence case and italics (U.S. Patent No. Title of book in sentence case and italics. A., Author, B. DOI or URL. A. or Organization or Screen Name [handle]. ProQuest. (Year). R: Author, A. (n.d.). (Year). Title, section, or page name in sentence case and italics. She was built and used during World War II. Government Accountability Office. NPS Archive: Calhoun. Windsor APA-55. DOI or URL, T (first citation): (Author A et al., year), R: Herculano-Houzel, S., Collins, C. E., Wong, P., Kass, J. H., & Lent, R. (2008). URL, R: Tang, K. L., & Eignor, D. R. (2001). DOI. A. M. (2003). Early violent death in delinquent youth: A prospective longitudinal study [Paper presentation]. A. or Organization. Title of document in sentence case and italics. Komodo Studios. R: Author, A. Transmission systems for communications (3rd ed.) USS Bayfield (APA-33) was a Bayfield-class attack transport built for the United States Navy during World War II, the lead ship in her class. Wayne APA-54. Clay APA-39. Library. (Full date). Disp. Website Name in Title Case. A. 1 (2009). Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1945 AP -- Transports Click on "AP-##" for link to page with specifications, history, photographs (where available). and 78-101) then in commission or under construction. Title of presentation in sentence case and italics [Presentation or Workshop]. DOI or URL, R: Lessard v. Schmidt, 349 F. Supp. (1994). (Year). R: Katz, I., Gabayan, K., & Aghajan, H. (2007). Title, section, or page name in sentence case and italics. Title of Journal in Title Case and Italics, volume in italics(issue number), starting page of article–ending page of article. R: Beforebad, S. (2017, July 4). R: Katz, F. (2020, January–March). Mar 10, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Scott Weeks. Title of Journal in Title Case and Italics, volume in italics(issue number). Finding a dead parrot on a silly walk. DOI or URL, R: Bonds, M. E. (2014). In B. Examples include phone calls, conversations, letters, emails, files attached to an email Including attachments, internal documents, documents posted to a listserv or internal server, or any unpublished source to which your readers have no access. All U.S. Navy Attack Transports (APA) in commission during WWII listed by class; with descriptions and links to individual ship pages. A. at 404–407 (1994). We honor their service as we honor all members of the US military, both active members and veterans. Pew Research Center. Another two transports sunk in 1942, George F. Elliot and Leedstown, were also configured as attack transports but did not survive to be reclassified as such. Link added 29 December 2006, "How (2009). DOI or URL, R: Briscoe, R. (in press). The invisible war [Film]. Parenting Highlights Quarterly, 112(1), 22–27. SKU: N/A Category: Transports. National Institutes of Health. DOI or URL, R: Brody, J. E. (2007, December 11). (Year). to Obtain Photographic Reproductions. Order No. (Year). B., Author, C. C., ... & Author, Z., T (first citation): (National Toxicology Program [NTP], 2012). These were the ships that carried troops into battle with the use of separate landing craft. Res. Name of Database in Title Case. A. (1985)., R: Rivera, J. ), T: Include sender's name, email to author, Full date of email, T: (Q. Grumbupple, email to author, October 22, 1994), R: Photographer, P. P. (Year). (Full date). xxxxx, year compiled), R: Exec. were converted from new "Mariner" class freighters. R: Exec. R: Choi, M. (2008). A., Author, B. B. safely considered extinct. You will have the choice of two print sizes, either 8″x10″ or 11″x14″. She was of the VC2-S-AP5 Victory ship design type.

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