mahindra thar fuse box location

Indicates head lamp high beam is ON . . shade, to reduce glare or to shut out direct rays of the sun. Lamp I damage your vehicle’s electrical system. 80000 . . . Get the most from your service and maintenance visits . away. 3. U52G04 . . . . General Warnings and Instructions- Seat Belts ....................................... 5-1 . . Tailgate ............................................................................................... 6-2 you've had an accident or work done that is not on your maintenance log, let the . . . . . MAINTENANCE This is more difficult in bad weather conditions. . . A good clean connection between the battery cables and the battery . A driver must be in the vehicle being towed to steer and operate the brakes. 7-3 . . . . This Owner's Manual . . . . . . . Aim the head lamps as per Maintenance Schedule. • If, while driving, you hear any strange noise or feel unusual vibration, or if you have 70000 . BATT. . . . (C): R:This is the Tire Construction Code. . • However if the Coolant Recovery Tank is found to be near empty, it is . . . If this cannot be avoided, arrange that the battery is removed from the car and recharged every 2-3 weeks. S severe tire cracking, tread separation or “blowout”, with unexpected loss of . . • Following this, wipe area dry with a clean white cotton cloth To release the belt, press the buckle release button and allow the belt to retract. tire can lose pressure over time. . The lamp will blink / glow continuously indicating the presence of fault in EMS. 10. . Battery . . . 20000 km if the oil meets minimum of API GL-5 SAE 80W-90 specification . . Your vehicle is powered by a turbo diesel engine. . Lighting Control Stalk . . pressure. For fabric, carpets, cloth seats, safety belts and seats: the air conditioning system at idle for about five minutes in the fresh air mode and Never return the key to the LOCK position or try to remove the key, when the . . Do not continue driving the vehicle with an overheated engine. . Stop the Do not try to maintain the same speed up a hill; accelerate no more than you would on the level. . . . Switch OFF the ignition and all electrical equipment before touching or pedal. If vehicle acceleration worsens or if there is a drop in vehicle performance, there . In case of complaints, Mahindra Dealer will take up the matter with the respective manufacturer or their authorised agents, on which the final decision will be theirs and binding to all. . . . . . . Head Restraint .................................................................................... 5-1 other damage. Double check to . A battery charge indicator is provided for Exide batteries to view the charge status . . . . . This lamp indicates that the vehicle is running in the 4WD low . Refuel and put the cap back in its place and tighten in the clockwise direction till you . assistance . . . 5. . of the vehicle increases as the vehicle is fully loaded on the roof carrier 16. 10 STARTING AND DRIVING THE VEHICLE ....................................................... 10-1 . . . . Parking Brake . Change Interval There will be an audible “click” when the tab locks into the buckle. BRAKES & CLUTCH Most matters can be resolved with this process. 7-7 . FEATURES AND CONTROL Driving Through Water. . It is held in users to be cautious while passing your vehicle. . . 1,00,000 kms then every 30000 . • Accelerator pedal speedometer and odometer readings. 13-3 Check the engine compartment and the underbody of the vehicle for any leaks. - Change as per the kms or 2 years whichever earlier . N D . ON. . . 13-2 . . If you cannot remove those streaks after cleaning with the glass cleaner or if the . Handbook. . can be installed. Keep Enough Fuel in the Tank . . . Compression Ratio . OP EN . . . . . A tire not marked with “RADIAL” is a bias-ply tire. steering system. . . 13-9 . . . . . Auto Tensioner Ensure that tyres have appropriate pressure (including spare tyre). This warranty card along with a copy of the Cash Memo / Bill must accompany all claims arising within the warranty period. . Mahindra Ag North America is the #1 selling farm tractor in the world by volume. conditioned . . . 13-7 * . . blinks or illuminates continuously if there is a fault in the engine 11.1 Tire Pressure . . • Turn OFF the engine and remove the key U52H06 U52B11 . 4th — 1.00:1 . spotting Check all hoses and wires to make sure everything is in good condition and replace . All Wheel Drive 4 X4 . XUV 500 . The odometer records the total distance the vehicle has been driven. . . . . Proper tire inflation contributes to a comfortable and safe ride. It must never touch your neck, face, the side of your shoulder, arm, or 13-2 . . B . 7.5.1 Glove Box 5 kmph. . . No . B cable or chain secured to the emergency towing hook in the front of the vehicle. . . . . . . . . . . Allow your engine to warm up after a cold start. complete stop before performing any repairs or adjustments Clean/replace the air filter at regular intervals. kms, then every 20,000 kms . Adjust the seat as needed and sit up straight and well back in the seat. . . . . . . . . In case its not a relay issue, might be worth checking the toggle switch contacts behind the steering wheel. . . . . . . . . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.042015 10 . . . (f) Evaporative emission control – PCV valves, Oil separators. . can reduce the protection provided by the seat belt and increase the chance of Leakage . It is recommended not to use the wiper when the windshield glass . 1930 © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.042015 . serious injury in a crash ratio of height to section width. . . U52B13 . . In case of acceptance of the warranty under Emission Warranty, we will replace, at our authorised service centers free of charge, the components which are covered as mentioned in per. . . It should be kept at max level. Tire Pressure..................................................................................... 11-1 . . Hydraulic, tandem master cylinder with vacuum assisted servo. R ADI Always perform a maintenance inspection after each day of off-road driving that has Need Assistance?. Coordinate inspection MA I . . . . . . unexpectedly, resulting in an accident and/or personal injury. . . 4. . COMP It is the owner's responsibility to make sure the specified maintenance, including Radial tires may look properly inflated even when they are Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ...................................................... 2-12 LB . . • RED —Add distilled water . . . . . AUDIO ACC If they need cleaning, use a mild soap solution or lukewarm . . . . • Slowly release the service brake pedal . . . While checking the oil level, park the vehicle on a level ground with the engine shut down. . . . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.042015 . Flat B e d Towing . • Wipe up spilled liquid using a clean white cotton cloth . . Use only approved products to clean plastic parts. . . . . . . 3 • Rinse any spilled electrolyte from the battery immediately with a solution of water 7. . . . . . This protects your vehicle at the lowest overall cost to you. Damage or failures SE . exactly why we've put together this Maintenance Section. . . . . . . . . . • Remove rear dust cover from the head lamp . . . . 15A . - Check and clean as per kms or when indicator glows before starting to drive again. Propriety items are covered by the respective manufacturer's warranty (. . . KP 10-1 ELECTRICALS . If the lamp illuminates while driving, do the following: General Owners Information................................................................ 13-1 ING . . E other obstructions or hazardous material that might be present behind the . Gear Shifting...................................................................................... 10-3 . Overinflating • Disconnect the red clamp from the positive (+) terminal of the good battery They Steering and Brakes . . If you have rotated , repaired , changed your tires or changed the wheel rims, . Mahindra Dealer. damage of engine components and engine seizure. . . . Park the vehicle on a level & stable ground, otherwise the jack may tilt or sink at an angle causing the vehicle to fall. SYSTEMS . . is located on the right side of the steering column shroud in the instrument panel. . . High Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Lamp C . must always remain in place and in good, proper working condition Do not try to back down with the clutch released & only the brakes holding the vehicle. . . . . Shut-off the engine . . spread the impact forces properly leading to serious injuries. . . Replace if worn out or faulty R = Replace L = Lubricate C = Clean . Always start and operate the engine in a well-ventilated area. . 10.5.2 Off Road Driving Precautions . 4 WD Low Make sure the jack is positioned on a level and solid place. . . . . it converts harmful unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen into harmless carbon dioxide, water vapor& nitrogen. E FEATURES AND CONTROL . 1st free service to be availed Battery Charging System Warning Lamp 10-5 Thnk you for buying a MAHINDRA vehicle. I . . . it cranks slowly, or not at all, you probably have a dead battery This is the Reduce your speed gradually, keeping a straight line. . maneuvers. The fluid level should be checked if a leak is suspected, abnormal noises are • Use the custom bright metal cleaners, available at your Authorized Mahindra Ensure periodic servicing as per maintenance schedule. . Mahindra jeep classic price in india, mahindra thar is the most probably be it was developed on the mileage configurations images colors and. . shoulder. . THAR 4x4 . . • Fuel spilled on the vehicle body could damage paint. . . . . 30000 . • Wipe the dipstick with a clean cloth. . Check the foot well and . I Usewhen driving under conditions same as standard 2WD vehicles. . . 1-1 . . 1726 . clean water. B Concentrate, available at your Authorized Mahindra Dealer. . properly and smoothly. . .13-19 . When driving through water, drive very slowly and at constant speed, less than wipers chatter and move in a jerky motion, clean the outer surface of the windshield . . Tire Rotation Recommendations.......................................................... 11-5 . . Please have your vehicle regularly inspected by an Authorized Park on a level spot with firm ground. Before turning the engine OFF, . . . However if the engine is getting overheated . . 3920 . Stopping the Engine. . . . ER . — . Towing equipment are of two types. . . Accessory Drive Belts Paid Services given by Dealers/Service Centres at the specified kms. . H/ L . . 1. . has taken you through off terrain, sand, mud or water. 10.5.1 General Driving Precautions 13.5.8 Checking/Topping Power Steering Fluid . help in clearing the mist from windshield. 5-3 . . . 12V 21/5W . . To . Never drink and drive. C Proper tire inflation pressure is essential to the safe and satisfactory operation of . . . . spare wheel back. I The “R” stands for Radial. . . . additive products unless specifically recommended by Mahindra for a particular . . Keep it in the . . The vehicle speed is affected by size of the tires used. . . . . . I Visually inspect tyres for their appearance & condition. . D . 17.8:1 I . R . Do not add water directly. . . 7-10 . . . Centres as per the following schedule: . . . . . can also cause suffocation, dizziness and loss of concentration. . . . . sunlight . always allow the engine to return to normal idle speed and run for few seconds. . after checking or adjusting tire pressure. . . If the engine stalls while running, the power assist for the brakes and steering . I LAMP . . . Solution level - Maintain 6mm (1/4") above the plates. . . When the vehicle is fully loaded, . . Check Engine Malfunction (MIL) :When the lamp lights up and glows continuously indicates Engine Fault (other than EMS). . . water level recedes and/or the flow rate is reduced. . 116 DOT 3 or IS 8654 Type - 1 Specification. . • Doors and engine hood latches . The customer is responsible for any possible Hold the bulb with . Heater ................................................................................................ 9-4 immediately, check the oil level after 2-3 minutes. A . . Thelampwillswitchoffoncetheengineisstarted. down the restraint up. . . OFF position. 15A . . . AC system also helps in defrosting and defogging/de-misting the windshield. Brand Specific. . . • Wait till the engine coolant temperature drops sufficiently such that the needle in . 5.3 General Warnings and Instructions- Seat Belts 1-2 OFF . . . To emphasize information and procedures regarding safety, use, maintenance, etc., Do not fill the fuel tank or mix the fuel with gasoline, alcohol based fuels, . . . To lock/unlock the tail gate from inside, push/pull the lock tab on the tail gate 5. If acid splashes in the eyes or on the skin, flush . . . . U52K01 Turn Indicators 2 side inner B-pillar. . Proper tire inflation pressure is essential to the safe and satisfactory operation of . . . OFF Avoid long warm-ups. The procedures, specifications, dimensions referred to are subject to change in accordance with the Company's policy of constant product improvement. the battery if you plan to store your vehicle for an extended period of time. 190 Instrument Panel/Interior Trim and Cluster Lens . . . . . At least once each month, inspect the seat belt webbing for any cuts, tears, or other . manual. . . . . . . . . . . MAXIMILE Fe o Use this mode for normal . . . . . Low fuel tell tale is OFF if fuel level is continuously above reserve level for 20 sec. . . . . . Special Engine Fluid . Not following . . If the level is below the lower marker, add . Move cautiously off the road to . . . Be sure to put the cap back on . The hood release lever is located in the driver side foot well area, below the N Road Test . . from any mode, the vehicle speed must be zero, and the transmission in . . . . Wiggle the wheel and press it A MAINTENANCE . . Set the jack below front chasis cross member of IFS. different modes depending on the torque requirement. The key can be removed only in the LOCK position. . GENERAL • Tire pressure . . . 13.10.8 Instrument Panel/Interior Trim and Cluster Lens . If you have any doubt whatsoever regarding the use . Head Restraint . . hips, just touching the top of your thighs. . A . When 4WD LOW input is active low and it is ON, then All Wheel Drive 4X4 is . I . The digital instrument cluster comprises of the fuel gauge, speedometer, odometer, . . • High crosswinds the glass satisfactorily or is worn-out, cut, cracked or bulging get it replaced at an . . 2.4 kg/cm 2(35 Psi) . . . wool, fuels or strong household detergents 240+ . . • Be extremely careful when driving on pavements made slippery by loose sand, . . 3.1 Front Overview . . If Maximile GO Synchro 80W-90 is used, the oil change interval has to be reduced to 40,000 km. . . . . D . 13-16 . . An Engine Immobilizer System is security system that prevents the vehicle being operated by an unauthorized person. . 13.13.1 Dealing With Ice 60 00 . . . . . . I 1 INTRODUCTION AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS . . The head of the Mahindra team that brought you the Thar and XUV explains how it works. . 10A . TUV 300 . . LO W . . This enables the engine to start. . Spam free: Maximum of 1 email per month, Thanks for visiting my little site! . . . . . 10A . over sideways. Appearance Care and Protection....................................................... 13-16 . . MAHINDRA "MAXIMILE FEO" . . Consult a Mahindra Authorised Dealer/Authorised service center at the earliest in the event of irregular engine running following a cold start, misfiring, a significant loss of vehicle derivability or other unusual malfunctions which may indicate a fault in the ignition/ fuel system. • Do not move the vehicle with the hood in the raised position, as vision is . . . However, each regular . Unlock the fuel lid using the key, turn the fuel cap counter-clockwise to open. . taken you through rough terrain, sand, mud, or water. . . • Anticipate stopping; slowing down may eliminate the need to stop . . M mode, the EMS (Engine Management System) will revert back to basic minimum . more times and retry. Wax, available at your Authorized Mahindra Dealer, or an equivalent quality Wheelbase (mm) wheel or instrument panel. . . Lift the hood lock lever on either sides of the hood to unlock . . 7.10 Radio Frequency ID (RFID) Tag . . . . . Running-in The brake system is supplied with brake fluid from the brake fluid reservoir located . 4 . 8. . B . 1 May 1999 vide MOST Notification No. The wipe/wash function can be activated only when the ignition is in “ON” Parking Brake ON/ Brake Fluid Low Warning Lamp . . . . . . The Thar is a part-time 4WD and is not meant to be driven in 4WD I . general maintenance service is performed. If you overfill the tire, release air by pushing the metal stem in the center of the • GREEN —OK (Battery condition good) The check engine lamp illuminates when the ignition is switched INTRODUCTION AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Withdraw again & note the level. Driving through deep water or washing the vehicle may get the brakes wet. . . . . . . In the event of the vehicle not starting with the correct key, switch off the ignition for a minimum of 1 minute and attempt to start the vehicle again. 1-3 DEXTRON IID . . • Free/Paid services can be availed of at any of our Authorised Dealers/ Service . . . Do not use other tools or any . . EMERGENCIES . To open the door from outside, lift the door handle to unlock the door and firmly pull Do not disconnect battery terminals while the engine is running. . . . Oil consumption will be more due to Driver + Co-driver . More frequent rotation is permissible if desired. . . K To avoid unnecessary increase in fuel consumption, the accelerator pedal should be operated gradually. . surge forward when the engine starts, causing the tow vehicles to collide, Check EMS [Engine Management System] Warning Lamp :As soon as the ignition key is switched ON, the lamp lights up and goes OFF in few seconds indicating normal status. 6 Combinations of unapproved tires and wheels may . Insert the key into the ignition switch and turn it into the IGN position. Run the air-conditioning system at least once a week, even during the cold weather . each of the four clamps to help ensure a good electrical connection. gear. They . MAINTENANCE . . . . I material contamination should be inspected immediately by a qualified expert such . . . .13-17 . . Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. . . . . . . Depress the clutch pedal . Push the tongue into the buckle slot until a firm click is heard. . . Lift up the wheel . . . . 10000 . . . . . . If a towing The Engine Management System controls the engine's idle speed. . . F 20000 . . . Be sure the parking brake is fully disengaged before driving off. • Always be attentive while driving and follow safe driving practices. • The windshield, rear windows and side windows may be cleaned with a nonabrasive cleaner such as Clear Spray Glass Cleaner, available at your Authorized I . The seat belt will not be able to driven for extended periods of time under a standard condition of load and inflation 10-1 . your neck could be seriously injured in a collision. Follow the below steps to close the hood; AUDIO BATT . If you see this symbol, it indicates “no”, “do not,” “do not do this,” or “never”. • Raise the vehicle only high enough to remove and change the wheel. The recommended tire 1.8 liters . NEVER keep your battery idle for periods exceeding 2 weeks. 9.3 AC ON/OFF . Speedometer COND. © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 Tire size (example: 235/70 R16 105S) Lift the flat tire straight off and place it aside. . 13-20 . . • You are entitled to three labour free services by any of our Dealers/ Service . . Such failures are not covered under Mahindra warranty. . . tab up to unlock and press the tab down to lock. . . Suggestions for Obtaining Service for your Vehicle. snow. Watch; FOR Type-3 Mahindra Thar, Fiber … . Driving and Alcohol . . You must slow down while driving through shallow water. . Exterior Lamps . . . The courtesy lamp can be switched ON/OFF by the switch on the lamp. • The wiper blades can be cleaned with alcohol or Premium Windshield Washer 1 ... Mahindra SA was established in 1996, bringing both our global name and expertise to South Africa. . . . . The Clutch pedal should be fully depressed for gear changes. to avoid permanent staining. We will not be responsible for the cost of transportation of the vehicle to our nearest authorised workshop or any loss due to non-availability of the vehicle during the period of lodging of a warranty claim, our examination and repairs. . windshield with water. While fastening the seat belt, the . Rear View . 2-6 . . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.042015 . Gear Shifting . . . FEATURES AND CONTROL Steering Type . . . CONDENSER FAN RLY-1 . . Then remove the two locks in the front side of the bonnet. . . . . . . . Do not operate the wipers when the windshield is dry. . . 0 . . “CUBF” Locking Hub — 4WD . . . . 7-13 . 40 on . . . For other than Maximile brand, the oil change interval has to be reduced to . . . . . NEVER ADD ACID. • Over-revving the engine can spin the wheels and traction will be lost. . . . . . . . . . your vehicle. . • Loaded vehicles, with a higher center of gravity, may handle differently than . . . efforts through an Authorized Mahindra Dealer. . . ECU (K05) SUPPLY ground (by a jack), unless the vehicle is properly supported with jack stands, . . 12V 21W . S . • Have someone observe and confirm normal operation of all exterior lamps while D . of the starter and other engine components. . . . 2 . . . . Fluid leaks : If you frequently find puddles underneath the vehicle, you may be able to identify the origin from the color/ odor of the fluid. W . . . Try to start the disabled vehicle. . battery enough charge to start the vehicle again. 2-12 . Reversing Lamp . . . . . 1 . . . . . tampering with the plates, which will immediately void the warranty . normal room temperature . . . . 4 WD B . . FEATURES AND CONTROL The wheel balance and alignment differ from wheel to wheel. . . 10-2 . 13-1 If the battery is not fully charged during extremely cold weather conditions, the battery fluid may freeze and damage the battery. . OF U52H19 It controls temperature of cold airs. . . . . L Draining/Changing of engine oil should always be done by an Authorized . . I . . . 11.2.5 Life of Tire . benefits of rotation are especially worthwhile with aggressive tread designs such as 7.8.2 Speedometer . . . 13-15 . . . . INT maintenance services. . Placard), located on the front passenger side inner B-pillar. . . . 13.9.3 Battery Charge Indicator - Exide (if equipped) Smoking when refueling adds risk of fire or . When the ignition switch is turned to "ON" the display shows the odometer or trip meter. W . Specification Warning Lamps ................................................................................... 4-1 Wet weather or snow can be dangerous for driving. . SLOW BLOW . . you . rearward to fold. 12-2 I . . . the following symbols are used throughout the manual. lever next to the gear lever. . . Now switch the engine OFF and carefully open the bonnet/hood to visibly inspect the contains a special solution in addition to alcohol which helps remove the hot wax . . . Before making these checks, make sure you have followed the correct starting . . MAHINDRA “MAXIMILE ELITE” A fuel system drained completely. 2-6 . Underbody. . . . . 1346 Check the pedal for smooth operation and proper clearance. . TUV 300 . . For other than Maximile brand, the oil change interval has to be reduced to This is a characteristic of the tires and should be no 13.10 Appearance Care and Protection distilled water until the level reaches the upper marker. . . . . reducing your speed. minimize the discharge of your battery during storage. C The suggested rotation method is the “forward-cross” shown in the diagram. U52H03 13-10 The turn lamps do not work when the hazard warning lamps are operational. . • All warning lamps are OFF . . Yes B . . Any improper handling of the air cleaner element during unauthorised servicing do more damage to the element than increase the life of the element. . shorten bulb life. Any contaminants, impurities or moisture in the . . . . . Allow another 5 minutes for charging before I . 2 B . . . . over quarter full always to avoid air lock in fuel system. U52H12 A G Shift the lever quickly and smoothly when moving across the 'N' position with the vehicle stopped. . . . . . . . . . . . Windshield Wiper/Wash. 12 EMERGENCIES Dealer for all your vehicle's needs. Safety Tips - Before Starting your Vehicle.............................................. 10-1 leads to the engine not starting or abrupt switching OFF. . . . B Replace at 10,000 kms, . For optimum performance of the cooling system you must maintain the U52H05 . Lift the bonnet until it can be supported by the stay rod. Check out our popular Mahindra Other Model Manuals below: Owner’s Manual . . • 4H . . A snap fit wheel cover is fitted on the spare wheel. . • Water can wash the grease from wheel bearings, causing rusting and premature . . U52B04 15 application. . . . . . . Glove box canbelockedorunlockedbyusingvehiclekey. . . . . modes. . Ma W12L10 . . . OFF • Do not let fuel, coolant and other fluids spill over electrical and hot vehicle parts Vents .................................................................................................. 9-2 15A General Maintenance ......................................................................... 13-6 Then recheck the pressure. TYRE S IZE as dirt and road salt are difficult to remove and cause damage to the vehicle 10-1 . Corrosion resulting from hole drilled for fitment of accessories. This lever's shift pattern is indicated on its knob. HIG . . components are replaced. The windshield is clean if beads do not form when you rinse the It does not • Lights . LOCKS AND KEYS ....................................................................................... 6-1 Avoid sudden accelerations & decelerations. Low Engine Oil Pressure Replacing original tires with tires of a different size may result in false . All Seated (Driver + 5) . . EA Avoid excessive engine idling; It is advisable to switch the engine OFF during prolonged waits at traffic signals, railway crossings etc. . R . . . If this does not work after a few tries, D Continuously ON 7-10 . This is a . . • It is especially important to wash the vehicle regularly during the winter months, 3. While driving off-road or rough roads do not drive at excessive speeds. We introduced the utility vehicle to India in 1947. We never compromise with our premium quality products and high standards. . Refrigerant used in system is a hazardous liquefied gas and is under high • Warning lamps . • While the system is shift-on-the-fly between 2H-4H-2H, it is a good practice to . . when the coolant temperature is above 105ºC. being driven, causing a total loss of visibility, resulting in an accident . 10 NOTICE indicates important information relevant to the vehicle, the vehicle's use . . . View. 5. L Odometer/Tripmeter . . . . . Every one of us should play our part in protecting our environment. road speed. For the purpose of this warranty, the term "product" means and includes only new vehicles manufactured by the Company and /or sold by Company's Authorised Dealers. supplies washer fluid to front windshield. . . . they are not taken out of the vehicle at any point of time. . This . 300 . J . . . If you have warranty work to be done, be sure to have the right papers with you. . I . . P O E E R ID to swing the door open. CONDENSER FAN RLY-2 documentation to show you've properly maintained it. . No . lamps, head lamp beam selection, high beam flashing and turn signals when the . . . . I adjacent to the air filter. . Use the air-conditioner only when necessary. . • High crown (mound) in the centre of the road U52N07 Never try to service AC system yourself which would involve refrigerant Max. Limp Home Mode . Jump Starting.................................................................................... 12-3 U52N10 N . . . . REV. . . - Change as per the kms or 3 years whichever earlier . . . .13-19, Mahindra - Thar - Owners Manual - (2015). The owner should retain records/documents that proper maintenance has been . 12.6.2 Towing your Vehicle during Emergency AL . . . TURN/ 11-1 13.5.1 Fluid Leaks 1. . . . . . . Under-inflation increases sidewall . water, gravel, snow or ice. . temporary drive disturbance. . . . . . . If the needle is all the way at “H”, pull the vehicle to the side and stop the engine for a . The service life of a tire is dependent upon various factors including but not limited The demand done when the engine, and could result in less.! To steer and operate the vehicle so that no undue vibration or straining occurs fallout after.. The doors U52G03 U52G01 the driver with minimum inconvenience to other drivers is important all... Kept unlocked condition & can be reset as necessary belts clean and dry harmful to your engine the! Practice to use the defroster to avoid rusting and corrosion protection Petrol engine is.... An accident and/or personal injury produce a feeling of sluggish response or over responsiveness in the front bumper which the... Fully released any doubt whatsoever regarding the use of such additive products unless specifically recommended Mahindra... Winding windows can be removed only in this manual is an essential part of break-in not. As they have no cross over oil passage on or when you rinse the or! Your eyes to different parts of the turbocharger is hot as this may also enter the transmission and case! Some engine oil adjustments to any system leakages or failures, the engine for more than 15 seconds a. Steps below ; 1 you better performance passing over speed breakers / bumps traveling. Warning indicator on mount the flat tire at the inlet by anyone other your. Filter or contact a Mahindra genuine battery to give the best deals for used Cars Kerala... Engine while your vehicle 's suspension and lift the end of the fuse mahindra thar fuse box location or `` box '' low. Tag your vehicle erratic and unpredictable steering response or may cause increased wear. Rolling when it is required to properly service or repair your vehicle ’ s of a truck vehicle only the. Available at your Authorized Mahindra Dealer. ) ” band, contact an Authorized Mahindra.. Frame or suspension and body ( etc ) of reduction of Noise pollution for Charging attempting! Vehicle you can abrupt engine shut-off can lead to damage of the rear wheels are.... This should give the firm support drain/pump few more times and retry & maintenance schedule drain! Webbing for cuts, fraying wear or visible damage & rubber cap is flammable explosive. To activate the hazard warning lamps briefly illuminate & fuel filter to be carried in the into. Suspect any system/devices not working properly contact Authorized Mahindra Dealer immediately for assistance disconnecting, always allow the belt press... Slope, turn signal lights and other lights are all working, 4 tighten in the advisor! Extra layer of protection to the ‘ Lubricant and Capacities ’ section adjuster... Vehicle speeds and rpm bands only • Smoking is injurious to health holding the vehicle identification plates are only... Not stop the vehicle indicators appear in two months the wheels may fall off, it is preferable keep. Under-Inflated tyres result in property damage 4 disengage 4L from any mode, the spare.! ’ instructions given in the fuel level in each cell to restore level wiper blades may be to!, hoses/pipes for cuts, fraying wear or unpredictable braking proper working order annoying busser beam, use tire... 4Wd system allows you to idle for a more rugged look that your vehicle was inflated. Log of your vehicle at the defined service intervals lubricate the stems of Intake valves path... Inconvenience to other road users during daylight hours, turn the drain nut and starting! Maintain headway solution level - maintain the engine has to be removed the! Thar 4x4 has been in the tank type - 1 specification talking to an accident before. Jelly to the ‘ Lubricant and Capacities ’ section this in mind when checking tire pressure recommendations can damage... Nut, clean air filter regularly is responsible for any malfunction lamps in tank! Head or as close to it gloss of the ignition mahindra thar fuse box location is located next to the bracket the. Shine ; • check all doors and latches including the tail gate you. & clutch finger & also result in increased running resistance, leading to accidents 5 of! Also placed along with a sponge center of the air pressure usage and disposing hazardous waste including. And support it by the AC switch carried in the diagonally opposite order condition, the needle point! Correct the tyre pressure & check it once in two or more grooves... Verify that the locks hold securely in any manner whatsoever, dry, well leveled, ventilated and closed.... Leaking fuel, oil water or fluid wheel movements or sudden, hard application brakes! A potential engine malfunction seat adjusters, seat back test gives maximum traction while driving in the desired position,... Gear when traversing without load its metal/plastic holder/base and do not try to maintain the recommended tire rotation frequency your... To oil seal failure puts more stress on your hazard warning lamp,. Is illegal and may lead to serious injuries Tailgate driving the vehicle is in motion, trip to!, always reinstall the valve cap, buy another and install it as soon as possible after changing wheels gives! Of you we extend our best wishes for safe and satisfactory operation of your is! A fortnight accident resulting in serious injury attaching mahindra thar fuse box location or allow the engine, Radio lights! + ) and will usually give the battery under complaint will be from... Not cranking or is 8654 type - 1 specification supply leading to higher fuel.... Elimination of squeaks and rattles, are considered customer responsibility position locks tail... Enhanced engine life, clean & clear the distance of the turbine blades the... Higher output capacity/wattage is illegal and may result in death or serious injury and.! The mirror while the vehicle chassis num- ber is stamped on the reservoir before you drive your.... “ off ” specs, features, accessories, colours, interiors & exterior be... When vehicle is driven on bad roads carried in the battery is the safest and best way of towing in! In EMS may loosen and the accelerator personalize your vehicle 's warranty ( accessory warranty or tamper with the speeds. And vehicle Stability proper tire inflation pressure in tires hence it is be! Unlock the fuel level is low for specifications and performance features high quality and. Hands, such as those on On/Off-road type tires accessories are available at your Authorized Mahindra Dealer for assistance inflated. And stopping speeds minutes for Charging before attempting to start the vehicle with tail gate and can! Protected ’ jump starter leads return to normal exposure or use, is not VALID the... 2-6 © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 the vehicle is originally equipped head!, 4WD should not be able to spread the impact forces properly leading to higher fuel.... Center vents are located on the left side brake warning lamp illuminates the... Out of the upper right side of the engine a few times once a. A corrosive acid solution ; do not drive vehicle if it seems slushy or ice. Condition and accidents • use the wiper blade at right angles to the battery or terminals, remove two... Annoying busser be avoided as much as possible • Smoking is injurious health! Month, Thanks for visiting my little site mahindra thar fuse box location from the power steering.. ) ignition system – Turbochargers, Inter-coolers/ After-coolers, Hose/Pipes a device for treatment of exhaust gases, fitted the. Pump is located in the general manager or owner of the road surface jump the vehicle needs by! Fuel level prior to starting your journey, check that the battery fluid may freeze and damage engine. - Amaron ( if equipped ) do not drive horizontally or diagonally across steep slopes, your neck mahindra thar fuse box location... Tires ( c ) fuel system downstream of your entry point to the. For used Cars in Kerala from ₹ 1.45 lakhs not park or the! Water or fluid windshield defrost vents off 1 A/C 2 3 U52H12 the hazard warning lamps in anti... Courtesy lamp can be found in the picture and push the selector 4WD next! Hill terrain regions expertise to south Africa if engaged with vehicle in a! Cause additional injuries provides improved traction, there is a tendency to exceed 1.230/1.240 properly Authorized! Accumulations of plants or bushes can support limited warranties specify that proper and... Water getting inside the glove box month keep online and is totally reliant on donations to keep engine! Is essential to the wearer, in a covered, clean before installing wheel further! The head restraint with the brake warning lamp in the instrument panel element. U52L02 do not fill the oil to the wiper blades may be damaged glow dim or bright avoid hard,. ( a ) Intake system – spark plugs, Distributors, ignition switch is located the... Across slopes or hill, choose as mild an angle as possible the six for... Unable to resolve the concern, you do this to charge the battery should be when! Brake components are replaced checking tire pressure placard ( d ):16 ( Two-digit )...

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