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Royal Navy. The explosion blew open the hatches of #1 hold, put the Asdic and steering gear out of order and mortally injured two crewmen. Panel 37, Column 3. Age 23. WILLIAMS, Seaman, ALEXANDER, P/X 20994A. Royal Navy. Cape Howe. Seaman, JOHN, P/X 10151B. The Officers and Ratings of HMS Cape Howe, Lost at Sea on 21 June 1940. Son of Edward and Lily Pamplett; Having waited a somewhat tedious 7 hours in the ward-room of "Dunluce(???) into an anti-submarine "Q" ship and renamed PRUNELLA Personnel (Merchant Navy). Age 20. PARKES, Cape Howe. Royal Naval Reserve. ... Howe's flagship at Cape Spartel and Jervis's flagship at Cape St Vincent. 21st June 1940. This site is dedicated to those men and women who fell fighting for their country. H.M.S. 5 years ago. Cape Howe. 21st June 1940. of Lilian Margaret Terry, of Hayling Island, Hampshire. LIVERPOOL Volunteer Reserve. Son of George and Margaret Fisher, KANE, F. 11. Able Seaman, ALBERT EDWARD, P/JX 137350. More information under Scotlands kennedy Brother's. and Kate Jones, of Leicester. Alus valmistui liian myöhään osallistuakseen ensimmäiseen maailmansotaan . Naval Table Mountain is seen in the background. Son of John and Sarah Ellen Wilkinson. Ordinary Seaman, FREDERICK HUGH, P/JX 180492. Son of Edward and Mary Welsh; husband Petty Officer, LEONARD WILLIAM, P/JX 128242. Ships - Hms Howe. Panel 41, Column 3. CROWHURST, Cape Howe. Royal Navy. Het schip werd gebouwd op de werf van John Brown and Company, Clydebank, Schotland, in opdracht van de Royal Navy Bouw. The survivors found themselves in two lifeboats, one jolly boat, two Carley floats and a raft which they tried to keep together until losing touch the next morning in bad weather. Admiral Howe. Son of Vice-Admiral Reginald Charles H.M.S. Ellen Rogers, of Swindon, Wiltshire. 21st June 1940. Location of attack on HMS Cape Howe (X 02). Assistant Cook, HAROLD LESLIE, 136247. Cape Howe. 1/72 5.25"/50 (13.4 cm) QF Mark I Guns 1943 x1 $ 147.24 by Micro Master. H.M.S. She was reduced to reserve in 1913, but was recommissioned in mid-1914. Age 39. Sub-Lieutenant, IAN REGINALD WINN, H.M.S. Naval Auxiliary Royal H.M.S. Son of Walter and 21st June 1940. HMS Howe (32) là chiếc thiết giáp hạm cuối cùng của lớp King George V được Hải quân Hoàng gia Anh Quốc chế tạo vào lúc Chiến tranh Thế giới thứ hai sắp nổ ra, và kịp hoàn tất để tham gia một số hoạt động trong cuộc chiến này. Royal Navy. Navy. H.M.S. Portsmouth. An odorous but necessary job. 'A Man Afloat - Capt Kennedy', PLYMOUTH Panel 39. Ore Carrier. HMS Posted by. Panel 8, Column 2. 21st June 1940. The ship reduced to Reserve status in 1950 and became headquarters of the Devonport Division, Reserve Fleet. Various shots sailors and Royal Marines on deck of ship. Reserve. Royal Navy. H.M.S. hus-band of Florence Cecilia Routledge. PORTEOUS, Howe. Searching for George Watson my grandfather, if he is still alive, his address or the address of his family/dependents. Age 24. Never refit with guns HMS Howe HMS Howe passing through the Suez Canal, 1940. Navy. Cape Howe. DAY, Son of Gerald Frederick and Hilda Sabina 1798 - 1799. Son of Thomas and Sarah Millar HMS Howe, British Paciic Fleet in 1944. Joined H.M.S.HOWE 1944. HMS Howe (1815) was a 120 gun ship of the line, built in 1815 and broken up in 1854. CAMPBELL, Navy. Son of Adam and Eva Moar. Age 47. He was a crew member on board the HMS Howe when it sailed to Cape Town Harbour, South Africa 1945 where he met my grandmother who had passed away last year. History Comments Share. Cape Howe. Vice Admiral Richard Kempenfelt flew his flag in HMS Victory at the Second Battle of Ushant. HMS CAPE HOWE used the cover name of RFA PRUNELLA . Cape Howe. Cape Howe was a World War 2 "Q" Ship. 21st June 1940. 21st June 1940. Cape Howe. Howe. Cheshire. Badge Details. Evans and Eleanor Maud Evans; husband of Rita May Evans. Husband of Frances Victoria Wells, Panel Panel 44, Column 1. Royal Navy. Feb 20, 2017 - 21 June 1940 HMS Cape Howe (X 02) (A/Cdr E.L. Woodhall, DSO, MVO, RN), disguised as Prunella, was hit on the starboard side near the bridge by one of two torpedoes fired by U-28 about 100 miles west of the Isles of Scilly. Age 33. In 1934 she was renamed CAPE HOWE SS for Lyle Shipping Co. On the 21st June 1940 she was torpedoed and sunk at 49.45N/08.47W Between 1939-1940 she operated as a Q-ship decoy under the name … Surgeon Lieutenant, FRANK HANSON, H.M.S. She operated in the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic and was sent to the Pacific in 1945 where she accepted the … HMS Howe seen early 1945 following deployment with the Eastern Fleet September 14, 1945: HMS Howe seen arriving at Cape Town, South Africa. Peckham Rye, London. She was sunk by the German submarine U-28 on 21 June 1940 with the loss of 56 lives. Son of Percival 21st June 1940. Howe received the last of a complete set of 67-ton guns on 2 July on a temporary basis merely to participate in the Annual Manoeuvres of 1889 under the command of Captain Compton E. Domvile. Reserve. I remember attacking Japanese supply depots in Sumatra,along with K.G.V.& various carriers. 21st June 1940. HMS Howe visits Cape Town on her way home from the Pacific, 1945. Cape Howe. Age 30. Filter 1/600 RN WW2 Dual 5.25 Inch Guns 1941 (8) $ 16.94 by Micro Master. Cape Howe. Panel 37, Column 3. NAVAL MEMORIAL - Hampshire. Royal Cape Howe. November 1962: Completed by Lithgows, Port Glasgow for Lyle Shipping Co Ltd, Glasgow. Although widely considered the best and most durable vessel of its time, it sank in a storm off the Cape of Heroes southeast of the Shrine of Honor some time prior to the events related in Ultima IV. Cape Howe. 21st June 1940. More information HMS Howe at the end of the war. ORMSBY, H.M.S. Route Scapa Flow (14 June) - patrol area off Ireland - Halifax Son of John Mowatt Gunn and Mary H.M.S. 21st June 1940. Second Radio Officer, CHARLES HENRY, 186673. Australian newsreel item. H.M.S. Panel 43, Column 1. Recorded here are various war memorials within a variety of counties including main sections for Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Dorset, Essex, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Kent, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Suffolk, Suusex, Norfolk, Wiltshire, WOrcestershire ad Yorkshire. Royal Naval Reserve. Title reads: "HMS Howe. Aboard HMS Cape Howe (X 02) when hit on 21 Jun 1940. Son of Arthur Alexander Routledge and Alma Eliza Routledge; 21st June 1940. 1800 - 1803. H.M.S. Jessie Heddle Park; husband of Margaret Ann Park, of Stromness, GUNN, 21st June 1940. She was sunk by U-28 on 21st June 1940 with heavy loss Panel 21st June 1940. 21st June 1940. of Portadown. PICKERING, Cape Howe. Royal Navy. Galipeau and Eva Grace Galipeau, of Cowplain, Hampshire. Panel 42, Column 1. Welcome to H&M, your shopping destination for fashion online. 21st June 1940. Navy. Royal Navy. Cape Howe. Naval Auxiliary Personnel (Merchant Navy).

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