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Anti Locking Brakes (ABS) 2 Air Bag System (Driver , Passenger) Language English Sticky Menu. Here’s everything you need to know about the Toyota Warranty Advantage, including what it covers, how it works and what your rights are. You can rest assured that your driving pleasure with your Toyota, is Always Better. This particular Hiace features a 3L Diesel engine, paired with a Automatic transmission and has got 36,300 km on the clock. Buy a used Toyota Hiace car or sell your 2nd hand Toyota Hiace car on dubizzle and reach our automotive market of 1.6+ million buyers in the United Arab of Emirates. View Variant Details -> Toyota Hiace 2.8 GL Grandia AT ₱2,130,000 Promo (2) The cost of such repairs is considered the responsibility of the owner. Skip to main content Select Vehicle. 60 months / 999,000 kms. Under certain conditions, special care should be taken to protect your Toyota vehicle against cor­rosion. A Hybrid Health Check is a detailed analysis, where your Service Centre uses a special scan tool to confirm the health of your Hybrid battery and Hybrid systems to ensure trouble-free motoring. a 60-day money-back guarantee (for failures affecting drivability and after repair attempts); an additional two-year warranty on your engine and driveline (if vehicle properly maintained); and. 2020 - TOYOTA HIACE 2020. The Hiace Super Grandia comes with optional color package with two-tone look for those who would like a different color-scheme, This van is the most luxurious in the Toyota Hiace family. Certified Pre-Owned Toyotas - Find the best deals on used Toyota cars, trucks, SUVs & hybrids and discover the advantages of choosing Toyota pre-owned cars. Cosmetic or surface corrosion from stone chips or scratches in the paint is not covered. What Are You Waiting For Call Our Friendly Sales Now! If you do much driving on gravel roads, consid­er installing mud or stone shields behind each wheel. Toyota Warranty. The Toyota HiAce is a motor vehicle produced in 1967. An accurate description of the problem includ­ing the conditions under which it occurs. Increased fuel efficiency [G1] HiAce Turbo Diesel LWB Van is now more economical than the previous equivalent diesel model by 0.5L per 100km in combined city and highway driving. Find Toyota genuine parts online. 2013 Toyota Hiace (No Badge) Automatic for sale - For HiAce Commuter Bus, the driveaway price displayed excludes vehicles for hire, fare or reward and assumes private use. Ruggedly built for years of reliable service, the Toyota Hiace in all its variations has proved itself on roads around the world. On the inside the vehicle features Power Windows. The new warranty period is that we will cover for up to: How do I ensure I get the additional warranty under Toyota Warranty Advantage? When it comes to buying a new car, we believe that nothing should stand between you and the thrill of the drive. The warranty period begins on the date the vehicle is first delivered or put into use (in-service date). TOYOTA HIACE VAN. 5 Years Warranty Plus 8 Times Free Servicing! This is now five years/unlimited km. If you sell your Toyota or purchase a pre-owned vehicle while it is under the Toyota Warranty Advantage period, the warranty will transfer to the new owner for the remainder of the period from the original delivery date to the original purchaser. Toyota Warranty. Vehicles used for private use have access to additional warranty coverage if the vehicle is maintained in accordance with the vehicle maintenance schedule as indicated in the Warranty and Service book and in the case of the Hybrid battery extension, have a Hybrid Health Check performed annually. Toyota Hiace | Official Toyota Bahrain Website GL Cars - 12-MONTH WARRANTY ON ALL VEHICLES OVER £2000, FINANCE AND PCP PACKAGES SUBJECT TO STATUS - Call us on +441359303306 or click here to find out more. Get prices, download brochures, & book a test drive. Periodic Maintenance Service Certified Pre-Owned Toyotas - Find the best deals on used Toyota cars, trucks, SUVs & hybrids and discover the advantages of choosing Toyota pre-owned cars. Telephone: 1800 869 682 Will I have to pay for a Hybrid Health Check? Stick to your annual service schedule, and we’ll extend your engine and driveline warranty from five to seven years, so you can drive stress-free for longer. SPECS. Explore more here. This 2016 Toyota Hiace 3L AT Diesel Van could be yours for just P1,250,000.00. That's good, but … Information Needed In the event a problem arises, please be prepared with the following information: For the fastest possible response, we suggest you follow the procedures outlined below in the sequence listed. Tires: Tires are warranted under a separate warranty provided by the tire manufacturer. If you carry special cargo, such as chemicals, fertilizers, deicer salt, etc., be sure that such materials are well packaged and sealed. From excellent visibility that contributes to collision avoidance, to crumple zone construction that helps minimize collision damage, the Toyota commitment to safety is evident in every detail. The following are the 5-year Warranty for official models sold by UMWT: 2) Why are you offering this 5-Year Warranty? It is used all over the world, so spare parts are easily found. Hiace With a worldwide reputation for proven performance to back it, the HIACE Commuter is designed from the ground up to match today’s active lifestyles and comes loaded with features to … Any Toyota warranty (including relevant Toyota warranty periods) does not limit and may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Australian Consumer Law statutory consumer guarantees. The Toyota Hiace is versatile; it can be used as a family vehicle as well as for commercial business. If you’re the proud owner of a Hybrid, we’ll cover your battery for a full eight years or 160,000km, whichever comes first. Travelwheels have added some more campervans to add to our rental fleet here in Sydney. Monthly At Only $8XX! Yes. Trouver une TOYOTA HIACE VAN d'occasion avec le meilleur exportateur de voitures d'occasion japonais BE FORWARD. WHATSAPP NUMBER: 0346-8218381 Toyota New Zealand continues to evolve its sixth generation Hiace commercial range which launched in mid-2019.. Conditions apply. What has changed with this new Toyota Warranty Advantage? 2005 TOYOTA HIACE Engine. Toyota Finance ; Warranty; Vehicle Maintenance; Safety Recall Campaign; About Us. Toyota Hiace is perhaps the 'most-seen-on-the-road' range of buses and vans. Please be aware that any modification to your Toyota vehicle could affect its performance, safety or durability and may even violate governmental regulations. Your Owner's Manual also contains important information. Your HiAce is value packed, with drastically improved safety, technology and … Your Toyota dealer will make the necessary re­pairs using new or remanufactured parts. This item has been removed from a: 2005 TOYOTA HIACE. Proper maintenance will help insure maximum performance, greater reliability and longer life for your Toyota vehicle. There's nothing quite like driving it out of our delivery centres showrooms. Based on 4 years of ownership, the Toyota HiAce offers the best resale value in the light commercial segment, giving you the security that your vehicle will hold on to it's value when it's time to sell. New Dashboard And Side Mirror. Toyota Warranty Your Toyota is a fine piece of machinery, and should be kept running at its best. See your Toyota dealer to confirm availability when ordering your vehicle. $10,300 /yr . The Hiace Super Grandia has more upscale features. This 2018 Toyota Hiace GL Grandia MT Van could be yours for just P1,288,000.00. Discover more about Toyota vehicles warranty from Abdul Latif Jameel Motors in KSA. Used Toyota Hiace Campervan for sale in Sydney + 12m Warranty. Search. Select Vehicle . Your Toyota is a fine piece of machinery, and should be kept running at its best. How often do I need a Hybrid Health Check? Keeping you mobile means that if your vehicle requires a warranty repair, Toyota will cover charges that relate to transporting your vehicle to a Toyota dealer, cost of the repair and a loan vehicle while your vehicle is off the road. Lack of Maintenance or Use of Wrong Fuel, Oil or Lubes:  Repairs and adjustments caused by improper maintenance, lack of required maintenance or the use of fluids other than the fluids spec­ified in your Owner's Manual are not covered. VIN Plate Location. Pre-delivery Service For any failure that prevents the vehicle being driveable, and for any failure which has had multiple unsuccessful repair attempts within 60 days of collecting your new vehicle. From USD $44,905 (20% concession) Coaster. Battery: The original equipment battery warranty coverage is for 36 months or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.During the first 24 months of service (up to 100,000 km), a defective original equipment battery will be replaced free of charge.Should the battery fail after 24 months of service, but before the 37 month of service (up to 100,000 km), it will be replaced under warranty at a 50% charge to the customer. About TOYOTA Hiace Van. The Toyota HiAce (Japanese: トヨタ・ハイエース, Toyota Haiēsu) (pronounced as "High Ace") is a light commercial van produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota.First launched in October 1967, the HiAce has since been available in a wide range of body configurations, including a minivan/MPV, minibus, panel van, crew van, pickup truck, taxi and an ambulance. Toyota Hiace campervans for sale in NSW available now. Repairs and adjustments required as a result of misuse (e.g., racing, overloading), negligence, modification, alteration, tampering, disconnection, improper adjustments or repairs, accident and use of add-on parts/material are not covered. There is a slight difference in the front bumpers, which can either be black or keyed and with the grille. This particular Hiace features a 3L Diesel engine, paired with a Manual transmission and has got 19,589 km on the clock. ** 2.5L ! 2013 toyota hiace 2.5 window van / 3 years unlimited mileage warranty / top condition / best for company / 12 limited seater / 9 years loan Updated on: December 14, 2020 Dealer This 'Trusted Dealer' has a proven track record of upholding the best car selling practices certified by Conditions apply. Find out more about our latest sedans, SUV, MPV, 4x4 and other car models. Used Toyotas can only be covered up to five years/60,000 miles. The Toyota HiAce is available in four colors – Dark Grey Metallic, White Pearl, Luxury Pearl Toning, and Black. Brighton Toyota Has Got Your Back There is something reassuring knowing that your new vehicle from Brighton Toyota is backed by a 3 year / 100,000km[T4] warranty, giving you the peace of mind to feel confident for the years to come. Regular servicing will ensure that this is done in a structured manner to reduce the possibility of unexpected high repair bills. ** DRIVES A1! Towing: When your vehicle is inoperative due to a warranted part failure, towing service is covered to the nearest authorized dealership. The latest extension to the H300 Hiace … And we only use genuine parts. ... (Apple and Android), and USB Rear Parking Sensors Yes Warranty 3 Years (100,000 km) Colors. The Toyota Hiace is well known for having a tough, durable engine. an additional five years on the Hybrid battery (if annual Hybrid Health Check performed). This is now five years/unlimited km. The sixth-gen Toyota Hiace is larger and more contemporary looking. On the inside the vehicle features Power Windows. All the variants of the Toyota HiAce have the same exterior design. ** LOOKS TERRIFIC! Every Toyota dealership in this coun­try has the tools, equipment, and training needed to service and repair your Toyota vehicle. Find a new 2020 Hiace on Toyota Bahrain official website. If you detect any stone chips or scratches in the paint, touch them up immediately. Engine 2494cc ,Turbu (4) Cylinders L-Type Hybrid Health Check is free when conducted as part of routine maintenance service with a Toyota dealer. Search the Toyota parts catalog to find Toyota OEM parts made for your vehicle plus buy quality Toyota replacement parts you can trust. The passenger seats can be folded away to provide a large amount of luggage space. Description: Tech Step Full Width (1600 wide) SKU: 800610: Make: TOYOTA: Model: HIACE 2020 Hiace High Roof Commuter . Conditions apply. The 2020 Toyota HiAce SLWB is a rear-wheel drive four-door van that was released to the Australian market on 01/02/2019 classified as a GRH320R. Free 1,000 km Maintenance Service You’ll be protected by Toyota’s three-year/100,000km warranty that covers any defect in material or workmanship in both parts and panels. Touring/Relocation to another Country If you are touring or relocate to another coun­try and a problem arises, please consult a local Toyota dealer.Please note, however, that warranty service may not be provided by the local dealer, because your Toyota vehicle may not comply with the regula­tory and/or environmental requirements of such country. Warranty Application  This warranty is valid only within the country where the Toyota Distributor listed on Warranty Registration is located. The vehicle body color might differ slightly from this color sample. Description: Tech Step Full Width (1600 wide) SKU: 800610: Make: TOYOTA: Model: HIACE The Gold Toyota extended warranty also provides coverage to your vehicle in different increments up to eight years/125,000 miles. Email: Conditions apply. All models are covered by a five-year/unlimited kilometre warranty, with capped-price servicing for three years or 60,000km, whichever comes first. This new warranty period will apply to all vehicles delivered to a guest in Australia from 1 January 2019. Exterior. At Toyota we are proud of our total commitment to quality design, workmanship, and customer satisfaction. Colours and trims displayed are a guide only and may vary from actual colours due to printing/display process. Is "We’ll keep you mobile" the same as Roadside Assistance? There's nothing quite like driving it out of our delivery centres showrooms. Your Toyota Owner's Manual also contains a chart of required services, and it has a section explain­ing maintenance items that you can do yourself. From USD $72,329 (20% concession) Parts & Service. New Toyota Hiace New Edition With New Facelift! Make: TOYOTA. Here at Toyota we take so much time, care and pride in every car we make we give each one a five-year (or 100,000 mile) warranty. Owner. While any Toyota dealer in this country will perform warranty service, Toyota recommends that you return to the dealership that sold you your vehi­cle because of their continued and personal inter­ests in you. Model: HIACE COMMUTER Year: 2016 - 2020 Class: Class A Warranty We offer a 3 year warranty on all trucks sold. These warranties do not limit and may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. ** EASY FINANCE AVAILABLE! ** ALL ENQUIRIES WELCOME! For more information, please call us at 66311188 or go to contact us page Toyota Hiace with Variants, Prices, Key Specs, & Features. 14 Toyota hiace used cars toyota hiace warranty listings at a price starting from R 150.000 - finance and extended warranties available.... - Waa2 - Waa2 Search ... comprehensive warranty's and we are doing the ABSOLUTE best value deals around! Purchasing a new vehicle from Brighton Toyota is an exciting time, so it's great to know that you have your Toyota Warranty for Peace of Mind. We have customers from all over Australia buying ex-rental campers from us. Explain the condition fully. Do I qualify for the Toyota Warranty Advantage for my 2018-delivered vehicle? More frequent service is required for severe driv­ing conditions. Surface Rust and Paint Defect:  Surface rust and paint defect appearing on deck panels of pickup truck is covered for 12 months or 20,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. WHITE; SILVER M.M. Sleek, refined lines and a polished exterior cut a formidable figure on the road. $45,800 . Furthermore this vehicle has a plate number ending in 8 with a coding restriction on Thursday. A full 6 months/10,000km (whichever comes first) warranty is offered on Toyota genuine parts if purchased from TOYOTA JAMAICA and fitted by our workshops. The Newest Euro 6 Toyota Hiace. High Trade In Offer For Your Used Vehicle! Toyota Central Motors. Services We can research; quote; ship; clear; Gas Stations Need a fill up, you can try this locations. With this in mind, it’s time to sell off the old ones! 2013 Toyota Hiace (No Badge) Automatic for sale - ... Warranty Years 3 Warranty Kms 100,000 . Bermuda gas stations. Find the latest Toyota cars, SUVs, hybrids & minivans. ABS Bus Pte Ltd: Posted: 23-Dec-2020: Tags: 2020 Toyota Hiace, Toyota Hiace, Toyota, Hiace: Toyota Hiace 3.0M. It is important that the drain holes in the lower edges of the doors and rocker panels be kept clear. Our team of expert auto parts wreckers step in to evaluate the quality and suitability of these parts on our customers’ behalf. Offered with petrol or diesel engines. Toyota Hiace is perhaps the 'most-seen-on-the-road' range of buses and vans. Promising Toyota's safety, the new Hiace is equipped with drive and front passenger airbags, Vehicle stability control, Hill start assist control and optimal distribution of braking force. Real advice for Toyota HiAce car buyers including reviews, news, price, specifications, galleries and videos. Find the latest Toyota cars, SUVs, hybrids & minivans. Toyota New Zealand continues to evolve its sixth generation Hiace commercial range which launched in mid-2019.. Our comprehensive reviews include detailed ratings on Price and Features, Design, Practicality, Engine, Fuel Consumption, Ownership, Driving & … We have access to the latest diagnostic equipment and specialist service tools along with regular Toyota updates. ** ALL OUR CARS COME WITH WARRANTY ** UNBEATABLE VALUE ** THIS PRICE IS DRIVE AWAY NO MORE TO PAY! Extra Expenses:  Incidental or consequential dam­ages such as telephone calls, loss of time, inconvenience, or commercial loss are not covered. 2004 TOYOTA HIACE VAN DX B PACKAGE/TC-TRH112V d'occasion. When does this new warranty period commence? Call In For More Enquire, Discussion And Even For Test Driving. Warranty Coverage is fully transferable to subsequent vehicle owner. If you are on the hunt for repair or replacement genuine Toyota Hiace parts, look no further than Sydney’s premiere Wreckers. 3) Why is the vehicle warranty for the Hilux and Hiace different from other models? ** WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU! We are specialists in selling Toyota Hiace campervans for sale in NSW. Which means you can just get in and drive safe in the knowledge that if you do ever need our expert help in any way, we’re here for you. 5-door mid-size van. Manufacturer Warranty Your Toyota is a fine piece of machinery, and should be kept running at its best. If you feel that your problem has not been resolved, speak with the dealership's owner who is most interested in your continued satisfaction and patronage.If your Toyota Dealer is unable to provide a solu­tion. Step 1: Talk to Your Toyota Dealer This is the most direct way to resolve your prob­lems. Parts; Service; Body Shop; Vehicle Ownership. The Toyota HiAce Van is a versatile passenger and cargo mover, with a generous interior and comfortable seating. To assure your satisfaction with the appearance and performance of your new Toyota vehicle, your dealer is responsible to perform specified factory-approved services for cleaning, inspect­ing, and testing of your Toyota vehicle. You are entitled to Free 1,000 km Maintenance Service upon presentation of this Warranty Book­let to your Toyota dealer. Learn how it drives and what features set the 1990 Toyota HiAce apart from its rivals. Every Toyota dealer in this country is ulti­mately responsible for providing the service and repairs you may need.First, talk to the dealer service manager or to the customer relations staff. ... 2020 Toyota HiAce … All information is based on the latest data available at the time of publication, and is subject to change without notice. The new warranty period is that we will cover for up to: five years, any component that may fail as a result of a manufacturing defect; 2019 Toyota HiAce Commuter Deluxe 2.8L DSL MT Total DP ₱389,400 only! The service schedule is the result of experience and testing, and represents the most efficient and economical maintenance for your Toyota vehicle. With most models primarily rear-wheel drives, it also offers a number of body styles. Warranty information is provided to protect your investment with an outline of procedures for solving any problem you may have with your new Toyota vehicle. Ruggedly built for years of reliable service, the Toyota Hiace in all its variations has proved itself on roads around the world. Safety is a key concern for everyone, and HIACE incorporates both active and passive measures to help protect the driver and passengers. Hiace Bus. Be sure to read it carefully. Engine Size: 0. Model: HIACE. This was done to be sure that your Toyota vehicle was de­livered to you in top condition after being shipped from the factory. Vehicles purchased before this date will still have the three-year/100,000km warranty period. If you drive on salted or dust controlled roads, or if you drive near the ocean, hose off the un­der carriage at least once a month. If a Hybrid Health Check is requested outside of a routine maintenance, there will be a charge for the labour. Exceptions: The following items specified below are covered for periods other than the Basic Coverage. For any failure that prevents your Toyota from being driveable, and for any failure that’s had multiple unsuccessful repair attempts, we’ll refund whatever you’ve paid in full. Toyota Hiace | eBay Skip to main content ** 4 Cylinder! Toyota is now offering a five-year/160,000km warranty plan on all HiAce models used for commercial purposes, while private buyers enjoy five years/unlimited kilometres. If your Toyota vehicle is damaged due to an accident or similar cause which destroys the paint and protective coating, have your vehicle repaired as soon as possible. Normal Noise, Vibration and Dete­rioration: Normal noise, vibration, wear, tear or deterioration such as discolor­ation, fading, deformation or blur is not covered. 2016 Toyota Hiace KDH223R Automatic for sale - Toyota Password Reset TFS, Dealers & External Users Password Recovery: By logging into this portal, I understand that I will be accessing confidential and proprietary information of Toyota and I agreed to use this information for only legitimate business purposes. To put it another way, we now have a range of professionally built Toyota campervans available. The van grille is not similar to other Hiace models and the lights, the bumper, the wheels, trim and rear potions are all premium and sophisticated. ** 6 MONTHS REGO! Buy the new Toyota Hiace 2020 and enjoy a commercial vehicle equipped with various technologies, Designed to support world class quality. Toyota Safety. Altered Mileage: Failure of a vehicle on which the odometer mileage has been al­tered or changed so that vehicle mileage cannot be readily ascertained is not covered. ** 2006 Toyota Hiace LWB van - Turbo Diesel - Manual - Warranty … Damage or surface corrosion from the environment such as acid rain, airborne fall-out (chemicals, tree sap, etc. 2016 Toyota Hiace KDH223R Automatic for sale - It Comes With 5 Years Warranty, 8 Times Free Services. When you, for example, buy direct from the supplier you gain an immediate saving on a good quality campervan. As such, we have designed a range of Aftersales Service Packages tailored to your needs and offers you and your Toyota … Basic Coverage Period: Toyota warrants that it will either repair or replace any part of the new Toyota vehicle that is defective in material or workmanship under normal use except those items listed under "What in Not Covered" for a period of 36 months or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. Overview Order Online; Hiace Van 2021. Based on 4 years of ownership, the Toyota HiAce offers the best resale value in the light commercial segment, giving you the security that your vehicle will hold on to it's value when it's time to sell. Find out the latest Toyota Hiace variants and ask for a quote from your local dealer. Wash regularly using cold clean water and mild vehicle wash soap. Welcome to Toyota Malaysia. This all means that you’ll keep your Toyota in the best condition. Find all of our 1990 Toyota HiAce Reviews, Videos, FAQs & News in one place. The new warranty period only applies to vehicles delivered to a guest on or after 1 January 2019. This maintenance ser­vice shall be performed in accordance with your Owner's Manual at no charge except for any lu­bricants, fluids or filters used since they are regu­lar maintenance service items. TOYOTA Hiace LH100G 2dr Van High Clear Option 01/89 to 12/05 TOYOTA Hiace LH100G 2dr Van Low Clear Option 01/89 to 12/05 TOYOTA Hiace Gen 5 ZL 2dr Van 03/05 On TOYOTA Hiace … No Charge Warranty repairs (parts and/or labor) will be made at no charge. Again, see your Owner's Manual. TOYOTA MOTORS CORPORATION AUSTRALIA Stylish, dependable and comfortable - the Hiace range is distinguished by its wide body design and its professional stance. Exterior. Flexible And Fast Bank/In House Loan. [S1] Driver assist feature. These Toyota campers have been specially sourced from an Australian owned and operated company. You are responsible for delivering your vehicle to any authorized Toyota dealer in this country in or­der to obtain warranty service. Is the Toyota Warranty Advantage transferable? Warranty. With effect from 1 April 2016, all Toyota models will come with 5 years / unlimited mileage warranty for all models except Hilux and Hiace. **TOYOTA HIACE SLWB AUTOMATIC REFRIGERATED VAN**This 2013 Toyota Hiace is a standout.

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