Sample Ad

Recently, a client of mine ran the ad I developed for him on the Workamper News Hotline email/website page.  According to Workamper News’ email tracking – In competition with four other “help wanted” ads, my ad received 85% of all the clicks in that day’s email (that was over 200 more clicks than any other ad)!

Will Work for Fun (and much, much more)?

Sixteen hours a week is all we ask, and your site is included. Or, if you want to work more, you’ll get paid more and make your friends jealous while you have way more fun than they are (unless they come work with us too)!

Glamis North Hot Springs Resort, your premier winter relaxation destination, is looking for Workampers who have an attitude. A GREAT attitude… and who genuinely like people. Business is looking great for our new season that runs October through April, and we need your help with things like phone reservations, front desk help, cleaning cabins, kitchen help, and even hanging out at the poolside bar and serving our wonderful clientele.

  • The weather: Amazing.
  • The view: Spectacular.
  • The Hot Mineral Springs: Relaxing… really relaxing.

We’ll work you, alright, but it’ll make those Hot Springs feel even better!

Many of our guests come for the immediately accessible ATV trails that wind through the hills around us, many just enjoy the Hot Springs. Many guests come because they can enjoy a real campfire surrounded by good friends and real live social networking. Most people come for all the above – and we invite you to do the same (and we’ll even pay you to do so!)

Visit us on the web at: then contact us at: and we’ll ask you what you love to do, let you know what we need, and see if we can’t make this your best Workamper experience ever.