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Type 5 Chi-Ri Plan 2: 44.8: 40: 8800: 11600: Radio. The first prototype was produced in May 1943, and trials went on until 1944. Fire chance: 20%. Comparing: T20 vs. Diving a little deeper you will find that while the Chi-Ri resembles a heavy tank in size it does not equip the amount of armor you would find on most heavy tanks. Player Opinion. Equipped with a 75mm tank gun, the Chi-Ri has the same firepower as a Russian advanced heavy tank, and the same armor level as a Sherman, but its most valuable asset is it's mobility.The Chi-Ri can move at 43 km/hr, the same speed as a light tank. Power: 550 hp. Blitz Type 5 Chi-Ri - read more about Type 5 Chi-Ri, play free mobile online mmo game for ios and android Traverse: 36 °/sec View: 360m. The project was finally abandoned with the profit of the Type 4 Chi-To smaller and easier to produce. The medium tank Type 5 Chi-Ri was completed that a only one specimen in May 1945. The Type 5 Chi-Ri II is a rank III Japanese medium tank with a battle rating of 5.0 (AB/RB/SB). The vehicle underwent trials and was recommended for service. It was introduced along with the initial Japanese Ground Forces tree in Update 1.65 "Way of the Samurai".It's armed with a Type II Model I 75 mm cannon and is the first tank in the game to feature a fully functional auto-loader for full-size tank guns, giving it a two round capacity. Das Fahrzeug wurde erprobt und für den Einsatz empfohlen. The final researched tank for the Japanese, the Type 5 Chi-Ri (五式中戦車 チリ) is well worth the $75 total research cost. VIType 5 Chi-Ri … Type 5 Chi-Ri Crew: 5 Length: 8.47 m Width: 3.05 m Height: 3.10 m Weight: 37.0 t Armament: 1 x 75mm Type 5 tank gun, 1 x 37mm gun, 2 x 7.7mm Type 97 light machine guns Tank Guide/Review: Type 5 Chi-Ri - posted in Medium Tanks: The tier 7 Japanese medium tank Type 5 Chi-Ri at first glance appears to be more of a heavy tank than a medium tank. Od projekta se odustalo zbog prebacivanja radne snage na projekat tenka Type 4 Chi-To. Traverse: 36 °/sec View: 370m. After the surrender, the prototype was confiscated by American occupation authorities and was shipped to the United States. VIType 5 Chi-Ri Plan 1. [1]Reference Type 5 Chi-Ri je bio japanski prototip srednjeg tenka koji je trebao biti rival američkom M4 Sherman tenka.. Prvi nenaoružani prototip ovog tenka je završen u maju 1945. As for this last the development of Type 5 was very slow because of the shortages in Japanese industry ravaged by the American bombardments. Der Type 5 Chi-Ri ist ein japanischer mittlerer Panzer der Stufe 7. Japan wurde jedoch besiegt, noch bevor eine Serienfertigung aufgenommen werden konnte. However, Japan was defeated before mass production could begin. To make up for this the Chi-Ri has great gun depression, an excellent top … Power: 550 hp. Type 5 Chi-Ri The first in a series of 1942–1943 U.S. medium tank designs intended as replacements for the M4 Sherman. Although its size is very large it has very little armor for its tier and this leads to a major downsize since you have a large profile. VIIType 5 Chi-Ri Plan 2. Compatible Consumables. The tier 7 Japanese medium tank Type 5 Chi-Ri at first glance looks more like a heavy tank than a medium tank. Armor: 75/50/50 mm. Armor: 75/50/50 mm. VII. VIIMitsubishi AL Type 4 Kakyuu V-12. Ein einziger Prototyp wurde Anfang 1945 gebaut. A single prototype was manufactured at the beginning of 1945. VII. Level Radio Signal Range (m) Experience Weight (t) V: _Hei: 500: 0: 130: Compatible Equipment. Fire chance: 20%. VIIKawasaki Type 98 V-12.

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