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The hike to Grizzly Lake, while short, contains two moderate climbs. Grizzly is one of the most accessible 13er peak hikes near Denver. I find it interesting that the hike is well known outside of Canada. Grizzly Lake is a beautiful lake tucked between two ridges. Thanks for the breathtaking views and amazing photos! Fall looks like the perfect time for hiking to Grizzly Lake- the colors are amazing! This is the best area to park if you are going to make the hike up to Grizzly Lake. This is no doubt an incredibly beautiful place to be, but hikers should be aware that it involves some hard work getting up there. Gorgeous, less traveled trail with lots of rocky mountain goats. I was the only hiker with English as a first language, which I found pretty interesting. The out and back trail meanders along the creek for several miles of spectacular, towering cliffs. @Kim No the trail is straightforward from that perspective. This trail will bring you through the sagebrush and on up to great views of the Red Hills and beyond. It's an easily-accessible and family-friendly hike. Your photos are each worth well in excess of the proverbial 1,000 words. This is a challenging trail for ATVs and short wheel-based vehicles, especially at the obstacle near the beginning, which may draw spectators. Limited camping near the lake, so plan ahead. This relatively moderate hike follows long stretches of alpine meadow beside Grizzly Creek until veering away across high alpine terraces on the final ascent. Trust me, we got some cold weather on the next few days, but the first one was okay when you were moving. Did you use wide angle lens and filters? Plan your visit to coincide with the colours. The trail reaches the grassy banks of Grizzly Lake after 2 miles. Grizzly Bear Lake hike has been listed in Shepherd and Wozniak's book, 50 Hikes in Alaska's Chugach State Park. This is a totally do-able hike! The Bruce trail runs for 900km from Niagara to Tobermory, at the tip of the peninsula, where a ferry service crosses to Manitoulin island – claimed to be “the biggest fresh water lake island in the world” (4 departures a day). Grizzly Lake – Sunshine Meadows Loop from Citadel Pass Tr is an intermediate Hiking Tour. The Hanging Lake miracle. Starting at KM 58.5 on the, This blog only takes you on a hike to stunning Grizzly Lake in the Tombstones, a distance of 11.5 kilometres with an elevation gain of 797 metres (2,615 feet). There are a few little ponds towards the end - these are not the lake! Thanks Carol. Hello, Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures. Grizzly Lake is a short trail, only about 2.5 miles in length and is an out and back trail. If you’re looking for world-class mountain scenery in an area that doesn’t get a lot of attention, then do the hike to Grizzly Lake in the Tombstone Mountain Range, Yukon Territory. Amazing. 12 Great Alberta Hikes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, The Goat Lake Hike in Waterton Lakes National Park, Where to Go Snowshoeing in Banff National Park, If you’re looking for world-class mountain scenery in an area that doesn’t get a lot of attention, then do the hike to Grizzly Lake in the Tombstone Mountain Range, Yukon Territory. @Helen Thanks for your great comment. . How were the bugs?! - Duration: 11:14. If you want it to be even easier you could do Grizzly Lake, Divide Lake, Talus Lake, Divide Lake, Grizzly Lake and then out. This 1 st left is a private home, 2 nd left is Grizzly Gulch Road, and the 3 rd left leads to the trail. The couple and pups trekked the Empire Bluffs Trail in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore on Saturday, Nov. 28. Grizzly Lake Trail is a 7.1 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Aspen, Colorado that features a lake and is rated as moderate. You do need to reserve a backcountry campsite either online or in person – though you’re taking your chances if you just show up at the park office. Just as this starts to burn, the trail mellows out as you escape the forest to enter an incredible series of meadows in the Grizzly Creek drainage. Not sure if I’d been able to do an 11km hike, but the views certainly look spectacular. Get spooky in Aspen with this ghost tour! The route follows the well marked Grizzly Ridge Trail, traversing rocky talus slopes and beautiful alpine meadows, with ever improving views as you get closer to the lake and its entourage of rocky peaks. These core areas contain critical bear habitat, and a concentration of female grizzlies live and raise their cubs here. Fishing at the lake is fair and the wildflowers when in season are plentiful. I liked the hike (the views really are amazing) but preferred the other ‘off trail’ hikes we did in Tombstone. Late last August I hike Grey Mountain on August 30 before leaving and the colors up there, specially looking into the valley opposite to Whitehorse were spectacular! Okay, your photos make me want to lace up the hiking boots and head north. Let’s walk among the giants that remind us that there are bigger things in life than us. In late June we had fields of wildflowers all the way to the top. Tally Lake Ranger District 650 Wolfpack Way Kalispell, MT 59901 (406) 758-5204 (406) 758-3537 (fax) We had a day in Kluane after the Tomstones and it too was a treat. Such spectacular scenery! Dogs are also able to use this trail. To access the correct trail (walking), it is the 3 rd left from the beginning of Hancock Road. Grizzly Lake. It looks beautiful. Grizzly Lake fills the vast cirque beneath Thompson Peak. Grizzly Peak is right in Ashland's backyard. One nice feature the park offers is the ability to rent bear spray for a $12 deposit. @Noel The Tombstones are unique. @Christine The Goldensides hike is a great short hike in the area – and you could also go part of the way to Grizzly Lake if you don’t have enough time. Hiking to backcountry campsites. Amazing. I used to live in the Yukon and went hiking a lot – 6 times over the Chilkoot (which is not technically part or the YT) and 3 trips into Kluane. And for those who don't want to have a strenuous hike, just do 3/4's. Here’s a look at the landscape you’ll enjoy on the hike to Grizzly Lake. 152 Trip Reports for this trail, below Hike by WTA Correspondents: Shannon Leader. The territory is mostly mountains and more mountains. Warning - The road out to the trail head is pretty rough and rocky. The trail then travels through burned forest and along a meadow in which elk can sometimes be spotted. Starting at KM 58.5 on the Dempster Highway, the three to five day hiking trip takes you first to Grizzly Lake, and then to Divide and Talus Lakes. So beautiful – I’d agree – this hike looks so worth the effort – then when is any hike not worth the effort?! Vistas go on forever. Immediately after entering the trail you will encounter a small creek that is not very deep but makes up for the lack of depth by being very wide. Great photos too! I wanted to see those famed jagged peaks, alpine meadows filled with marmots and the namesake glittering lake at the end of it all. The trail enters the forest and follows the North Fork Cut Bank Creek, giving you frequent views into the creek. You’ve shown the mountains in all of their colorful glory. That really is some country! You’re my hero, Leigh. Here one finds majestic granite peaks, a surprising glacier, a magnificent, large alpine lake, a stupendous waterfall and verdant meadows beneath soaring cliffs. The Tombstones have been called the Patagonia of the North – an apt title as you’ll see when you get close to the mountains. I don’t want the place overrun. 11:14. Try to arrange your trip for late August when the boreal forest and alpine meadows combine to deliver a rainbow of fall colours. Only way in is 4wheel or hiking. Traveled by sauntering day hikers, first … Those colours and scenery are simply glorious! The next day we traveled about 10 kilometres to reach Divide Lake, via Glissade Pass – and part of that hike was in a blizzard. Pictures Of My Hike Inside Grizzly Gulch To Grizzly Lake, CO Grizzly Lake is located in Grizzly Gulch near the "ghost town" of St. Elmo. Required fields are marked *. The colorations are magnificent! I love seeing mountains now that I live in Florida and grew up in Vermont. Princeton Hot Springs Resort on CR 162. I love the autumn colors! Medicine Grizzly Lake – 12.9mi / 20.8km Medicine Grizzly Lake is a lake in the Cut Bank area of the Park that is surrounded by cliffs and waterfalls. good hiker. You'll see the Red Hills Campground and, shortly after it, you'll see a trailhead kiosk on the right with plenty of room to park nearby. Backcountry camping outside of the Grizzly Lake, Divide Lake and Talus Lake zone is free. I had planned to go to Whitehorse this summer, and after a little research it looks like I definitely have to add Tombstone to my itinerary. Adventure! The trail crosses over the small Obsidian Creek and a nice meadow before it begins to climb the ridge. Unfortunately, the thought of perhaps running into a grizzly bear, bear spray notwithstanding, means that I am unlikely to find myself on this hike, so I’m especially grateful for your lovely photos. Grizzly Lake is glorious. It’s time to lace up our hiking boots, because in this part @Jenn This would be one of the crazy hikes worth joining me on – but just back from Mount Assiniboine and that was awesome too. Then go to Divide Lake for the next two nights. I didn’t have a wide angle or filters as I was trying to reduce weight. I found the campground by Grizzly Lake really claustrophobic, which is suprising with all that nature around! China Gulch Trail to Grizzly Lake is a 18 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Forks of Salmon, California that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. Note: A log jam crossing is required to continue past Grizzly Lake. After conferring with the Interpretative Centre staff, we paid $12 for one night of camping at Grizzly Lake. Grizzly Lake is a poorly rated 4 mile less popular black diamond singletrack trail located near Jackson Wyoming. No, the bear-proof food barrel says it all. @Gemma I had seen photos of what the area looked like in late August so I knew that’s when I wanted to be there. Grizzly Lake Trail. Leigh McAdam is an award-winning, Calgary-based writer, photographer and social media enthusiast with over 61,000 followers. The Grizzly Lake trail is a slightly longer variation to the standard Mount Holmes Trail route to the summit of Mount Holmes. The only downside is that you must drive back to the Tombstone Interpretative Center at KM 71 to return it at the end of the hike. It was an adventure – and even more so the next day when we were hiking in a blizzard. The route travels upward from the Lake Superior shore through a scenic valley toward the Lake of the Clouds. Leigh, what a beautiful tour. @Michelle Patagonia is on my wish list. I feel lucky to have seen this part of the Yukon at one of the prime times. Not many people would have ever heard of Grizzly Lake – and that’s OK. This trail combines all aspects of rock crawling into less than 3 miles. @Andrew I want to go back and explore more of this landscape. @Kasper Late August and early September is definitely the time to visit the Tombstones. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thanks for the trip report. I take it one used to climb can make Grizzly Lake a day trip? Or do a day hike on any breathtaking section of the North Country National Scenic Trail. The scenery is simply stunning. But like most of the great hikes in Aspen the effort is worth it! The colours remind me of Haleakala crater. When you arrive at the switchbacks, turn around unless you are a very. Monolith. Grizzly Lake is glorious. Lots of steep uphills, downhills and many areas of loose rocky traverses that are not easy on the legs. This hike is very moderate and scenic until you near the end - then it gets steep and challenging. I actually liked the Grizzly Campground for its location but it was very muddy when we were there since they’d had so much rain in August – the whole summer actually. But like most of the great hikes in Aspen the effort is worth it! The whole area is a photographer’s dream. GRIZZLY LAKE TRAIL #1990 DAY/BACKPACKING OVERVIEW: A moderate day hike through forests, meadows, and rocky crags to a beautiful high mountain lake with magnificent views of the surrounding peaks. Great pictures. Grizzly Lake – 4.5mi / 7.2km This trail takes you to a long, quiet lake tucked between two ridges. Plus we never saw so much as bear scat on the hike. There are lots of permutations and combinations but if you go late in the season be very aware that temperatures can plummet quickly. @Hank You’ll have a wonderful hike but go prepared for all weather. hiking and backpacking around Montana and I’ll always remember that feeling of everything being right with the world when I could get my “nature fix”!Thanks for sharing this spectacular kaleidoscope of colors! Grizzly Lake (12,523') is located 3.65 miles from Lincoln Creek Road in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. With full sun exposure, the hike to Grizzly Lake should be considered a moderate route despite its length. {A post-hike pitstop in this old mining town is worth it. Take in the sparkling blue waters tucked between two ridges and scan the far hillsides for wildlife. it improved as we ascended past 5,000 elevation. The colors are magnificent. Once you arrive at the lake, you'll see why this is one of the best hikes around. Once you arrive at the lake, you'll see why this is one of the best hikes around. There is the option to continue on to Divide and Talus Lakes as well. Jagged mountain peaks jut up into the sky, looming over the lake like Dracula's castle. I’m not generally a backpacking hiker, but if the reward is worth it, I’ll go to great lengths…this is worth it. I did this trail in late July.

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